The scope of CCC certification for motor vehicles shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Implementing Rules for vehicles of category M, N and O (including complete vehicles and non-integrated vehicles). The certification according to the general safety standards eg GB 7258 "technical requirements for the safe operation of motor vehicles", For specific product inspection articles, please refer to the implementation rules of CNCA-C11-01: 2014 Automotive Annex 1 Type Test Projects and Standards.

1, How long does it take from the application to the receipt of the certificate?

90 days are set by law for cetification. According to experience, these sometimes take longer.

* it could result in a delay in processing:

if application documents are not complete,

if there are problems with testing in the Test Lab,

if there is a deviation in the audit.

Source: CCAP-C11-01: 2014 / A1 page 4, item 6.2

2, How often does factory audit take place?

Plant is classified after the initial audit in A, B, C, D.

A: Factory audit takes place once every 2 years.

B or C: Factory audit takes place once a year.

D: Factory audit takes place at least twice a year.

Source: CCAP-C11-01: 2014 / A1 Page 2, Point 4.2, CCAP-C11-01: 2014 / A1 Page 13, Point 10.2

3, how many audit days are there at the Inital Audit or the FU Audit?

Initial Audit: up to 10 man day per model series, depending of subparts certified

FI audit: up to 6 man day per model series

Source: CCAP-C11-01: 2014 / A1 page 9, clause,

CCAP-C11-01: 2014 / A1 page 14, item 10.3.2

4, how is the audit conducted?

Factory audit is performed according to IR CNCA-C11-01 Appendix 5

- Responsibility of quality manager: Appointment letter and service description (creation of control documents, management of change, complaint, CCC mark, CCC certificate status, etc.)

-Technical documentation: management of technical documents, control plan, product standard, product description of existing / new products, etc.

-Overview control: control of property, model and supplier of core material and core components, etc.

- Checking product compliance: running tests, final tests, etc.

Review of production process compliance: review of product structure, material and component, conformity of core production process, etc.

Product Check: Requalification Test

Change control: control of change request, etc.

Control of serious quality problems: customer complaint, recall, etc.

Source: IR CNCA-C11-01 Appendix 5

5, which application documents should be submitted to the initial audit?

  1. Application form
  2. License in copy-Questionnaire包括有关公司,生产过程,核心生产设施清单,核心测试仪器清单,注册商标证明等的简要信息。
  3. Car structure and technical parameters
  4. COP control plan
  5. Declaration: how is type, series defined
  6. Declaration: how is VIN defined
  7. Explanation: we distinguish the different types by external marking
  8. Declaration: Operating instructions in Chinese
  9. COC certificate
  10. Review
  11. Quality Manual
  12. Quality system certificates in copy
  13. Etc.

Source: CCAP-C11-01: 2014 / A1 Page 22-23 Appendix 1

6, how is Unit (technical unit) defined?

Step 1: Group car first after series defined by manufacturer

Step 2: Units are removed from the same series

It can not be defined as a unit if:

- Car types are not the same (M1 - up to 9 seater, M2 - from 10 seats, M3, N1, N2, N3, O1, O2, O3, O4), see below 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3.

- car series is not equal

- position of the engine is not equal (front, middle, rear)

- fuel is not equal (gasoline, diesel, gas, electricity, etc. Hybrid "gasoline + electric" is considered as same unit as gasoline engine, hybrid "diesel + electric" is considered as same unit as diesel engine)

- Drive is not equal (four-wheel, non-four-wheel)

- Sum of the axis is not equal

- Etc.

Within one unit:

- Vehicle outside dimension limit: 20%, longest <= shortest x 1.2

- Limit axle position, wheelbase: 15%, longest <= shortest x 1.15

- Limit parameters (total weight, distribution of front and rear axle): 20%

- Etc.

6.1 M1

Same design platform, structure from part before B pillar similar (sedan, station wagon, convertible with hardtop, convertible with folding roof, etc.)

Limit within one unit: Engine KW: 30%, Displacement: 20%

6.2 M2, M3, N1, N2, N3

Limit value for engine KW: 50%, engine capacity: 50%

Limit within one unit: total weight: 20%

Source: IR CNCA-C11-01 Appendix 2

7. Which tests are performed according to which GB standard?

See CCAP-C11-01: 2014 / A1 page 29-45

8, List of key component and materials:

See CCAP-C11-01: 2014 / A1 page 22-23 Appendix 1 page 24-27


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