Customer-centric professionalism and international trustworthiness are the key factors in providing the Q-auditors services. Only in this way can the certification as a service contribute to the company-specific and effective further development of the management system and lead to a recognized proof of your quality capability.
Expected customer benefit from previous experience:
• Recognizing strengths and potential for improvement within the company, but also at the interfaces.
• Analysis of business-critical processes.
• Motivation of employees by recognition of their performance.
• To show new perspectives by pointing out alternative problem-solving possibilities.
• Positive effect on the marketability of the product in the market through EU-wide recognized certificates.
• Second-party presentation of the processes
This system benefit of the certification can also be explained in more detail. Here, the restriction to the six core points takes place.
Effects of a valid certificate when used correctly:
• confidence-building towards authorities, banks and insurance companies
• promoting the image
• pro-competitive
• order-critical
• motivating for the employees
• Reducing in terms of customer and supplier audits
From a business point of view, the following studies have shown the following interesting results in the largest studies conducted so far with a control group:
Certified companies do not necessarily have more sales, but higher prices in the market, invest more, and have higher export quotas.
Furthermore, high liquidity and stable return on assets with a constant capacity rate are evident, which allows for the conclusion of increased sales figures.
Particularly interesting in this case is a statistic of the Association for the Protection of Accounts Payments according to which the insolvency rate in Austria was about 2% between 1980 and 1996, whereas the insolvency rate of the certified companies was only 0.2%.




您只需关注您的核心业务 - 我们会陪同您为您的项目进行与认证要求相一致的工作流程的设计。但这并不意味着您必须按照认证的要求去调整您的工作流程,而是要将您现有的工作流程进行优化,从而满足认证的要求。


您只需关注您的核心业务 - 我们会陪同您为您的项目进行与认证要求相一致的工作流程的设计。但这并不意味着您必须按照认证的要求去调整您的工作流程,而是要将您现有的工作流程进行优化,从而满足认证的要求。


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你按你的速度工作。 您可以通过我们的门户独立处理您的项目,并询问个人支持。 因此,我们承诺有机会设计自己的流程



我们为您提供机会进行自己的认证流程,但不必放弃专业知识或经验丰富的员工的支持。 在线系统专为各种认证而设计,为您提供常见问题列表,以及现成的表格和表格,以及一个模块,用于澄清与我们的员工之间的问题。



在我们快速的时间里,商业生活的变化是不断的伴随。 它可以很快被捣毁。 这有内部和外部原因。 CS概述了变更过程中的一致性。



我们只有有限的时间和财力,想要提供全面的服务,合作只有在相关组织中有意义。 这些有一个可靠的结构,以及良好的人际和谐。